YEAR: 2020


TYPE: Residential

Project description

Villa S is the new dress of a growing family. The dream of two parents who wanted to move home without moving from home, also to make those spaces suitable even for their grown-up children.

We have made numerous wooden supplies for the delivery of Villa S, a house like any other that appeared to us with its three original floors inhabited and lived in daily by a family of 5 members.

Target? Reinterpreting the interiors and spaces already present in the light of the new needs, especially those of the children, who are now young adults.

The living room ends with a large bookcase that hides the external annex, which is also the subject of research and tailoring.

For this reason it was decided to move the sleeping area of ​​the whole family to the main floor and instead put a space in the middle that acts as a filter, where the living room and kitchen are already located, instead allocating the living area to the lower level.

Above, the environments of the individual rooms are designed with a basic consistency with the entire project, but at the same time return personalized spaces designed to suit the habits and needs of those who will live in that room.

The great taste and solid competence of Giorgio La Leta have considered this house a blank sheet, then delivering a "tailor-made suit" with each room personalized in the furnishings and details and a common thread that runs along the ends of the entire living area. .

In the living room and in the kitchen, each element has been tailor-made to ensure beauty and functionality. The selection of materials also played a fundamental role in the success of the project: wooden furniture with light and dark tones that reconciled the minimalist mood of the entire project and facilitated the functional rendering of all the rooms.

On the upper level, the spaces of the rooms are designed to measure and personalized, while in the other two levels the partitions are reduced to a minimum: a free space is created, where the functions are marked by the change of resin flooring and parquet.

A double height, on the other hand, links the main rooms, the staircase climbs the wall, connects the heights and establishes a relationship of vertical continuity between the levels.


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