At Laredo we deal with consulting and design or restyling of furniture projects for:

● Apartments ● Loft ● Villas

Our team is always ready to come up with a solution and develop “tailor-made” projects for each customer. The steps of our work are:


The first consultation can take place in two ways:

  • Live in our showroom in Palermo, located at via Sciuti n.87;
  • Remotely through a video call on Skype or Zoom.

This is the moment where you better explain your expectations and needs. At the same location, our team will get to work to suggest a first solution: however, it is essential in this step to have a map/plan of the environment or structure to be furnished.


Thanks to your indications, our architects will develop a three-dimensional project in which you can “immerse yourself”, thus verifying the functionality of the furnishings, the distances between one element and another or the spaces in which to move.

Materials, colors, decorations and finishes are always chosen together (all exclusively produced by companies that symbolize our Made in Italy). In no time at all you will have a 3D solution of what exactly your environment will look like once it is built. At this point we will develop and send you a complete quotation.


Our network of companies is also available for the redesign of an entire environment, even if significant building interventions are to be considered or operations that tend to modify the original distribution of the systems, or elements, in order to improve livability and your living well-being.

.4 | Delivery, Assembly, Testing, Sanification and POST-Sales Assistance

Once the order has been approved, our production cycle is only at the beginning:

Once the project is built we will arrive with our delivery. Thanks to our specialized workers, assembly will seem child's play: any "inconvenience" may appear on site they will be able to resolve it promptly without delays or delays in delivery.

Once the assembly has been completed, it is time to test the functionality of the elements and the elements final sanification. Furthermore, you can always count on our multi-year post-sales support from the first weeks following assembly.

Choose a reality like ours for your home or yours work means having the certainty of receiving a space suitable for its own comfort, practical, functional and full of its own style.