We deal with the design and production of customized interior solutions. Every space for us is a blank page to be filled with your taste and your needs (both in terms of space and budget) and it will surely be UNIQUE.


Our design addresses all aspects of everyday life and takes care of every detail: from the refinement of the materials to the creativity of solutions. Each work is for us a tailor-made piece, tailor-made according to your dreams, the spaces available and your taste.


Beyond the family bond we are a group of professionals with an important expertise, the result of all the experiences lived over the years, some even foreign. Today we combine the know-how gained in the field with the most innovative design techniques.


Our construction process has very little of industrial: your projects take shape in our carpentry managed by a team of professionals observant of every detail and able to satisfy every desire or solve any inconvenience, for example in the assembly phase of the elements; all this to guarantee you a drastic reduction in pollution, time and, why not?, ... stress.


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"The task of an interior designer is not only to make the environment more beautiful, but also to improve its functionality and in some cases safety."
"My work as a designer for Laredo is concentrated above all in the private sphere. The only thing that really matters after days, weeks, months of work is that specific moment I see emotions and joy in the eyes of all young couples or the beautiful people who have chosen us to create their own custom-made furniture project "

Luciana Alioto

Interior Designer

"Working in Laredo led me to develop a strong interest in furnishing and the configuration of spaces within commercial activities. I contributed to the realization of furnishing projects for medical office, Holiday Homes and many clothing stores"

Gaetano Alioto

Interior Designer

"We will be with you throughout the entire production process: from the idea design, construction, delivery, assembly or to after-sales assistance. "