YEAR: 2020

LOCATION: Gorizia (CT)

T O C: Commercial


With this client we were involved in for the opening of their two new shopping store located inside two big shopping center: CC Villesse in Gorizia and Centro Sicilia in Catania.

The target was to create a place that would be primarily attractive for customers and that could facilitate the activities of employees and operators in charge of sales at the same time.

We focused the project on elegance and design coherence of the two commercial spaces. The result was in the design of two minimal and at the same time functional places where wood was the main element: it was the same concept translated into two different “souls”.

When we first met the customer we immediately listened to their needs and we made sure to set the boundaries with the starting points for the entire project.

Then, after discussing the two "rough" projects, sketched by us following the first meeting, we began to "map" every part of the environment available and every kind of activity potentially achievable by the staff, catalog them, differentiate them and thinking to everything with carefull attention. Once everything was set, we went with the choice of the materials and the finishes which concluded the project that was subsequently delivered to our carpentry which was in charge for creating the furnishings and all the elements for both spaces.

Finally we get to the transportation, assembly and installation a few weeks before their respective first opening.

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