YEAR: 2020


TYPE: Residential

Project description

Casa SSX is a small house in the center of Palermo. This project aimed to make a very small space a welcoming place for short stays in the city. The total space was 26 m² and this challenged Giorgio La Leta to Re-design the concept of "minimum living size".

Creating an environment based on specific needs represents a typical design in a sartorial style.


The main element of the apartment is the environment wich assumes its identity thanks to the relationship between already existing shapes and new shapes: the already built barrel ceiling was brought back to its original rustic state to make a contrast with the geometries of the new volumes covered in wood that house the bathroom, while on the other side a parallelepiped integrates the hidden kitchen unit with a small sofa.

A single environment in the sleeping area, integrates the bed, desk and shelves. The materials are few and simple: large-format stoneware for floors and walls, white lacquered wood for custom-made furnishings.


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