YEAR: 2020


TYPE: Residential

Project description

A small apartment that first of all needed a study on the optimization of spaces with a suggestive view on the park that could not fail to be enhanced. Architect Giorgio La Leta therefore proposed organizing the living room around a structure in the shape of an equipped and versatile totem: on the one hand, a TV cabinet on the other, a pantry useful for kitchen activities.

And while Monte Pellegrino also makes room among the vegetation, the panorama lights up with natural light radiating the whole environment making the window and the kitchen area a space consistent with the rest of the apartment and gives a sense of movement and dynamism to the whole place.

Last but not least the pride of the customer, his precious records collection: that's why we choose to build a desk with smart bookcase and a minimal and functional design to contain the entire collection.

We took care of the realization of the entire furniture project, we made it entirely "tailor-made". We considered as appropriate to keep the height of all the furniture lower than the one of the beams, with the intention of highlighting the tectonic aspect of the apartment and thus triggering a play of volumes between the structure and fixed parts of our furniture accessories.


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